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Our rice has a unique taste and itself ensures high content of nutrients. “Par-boiling” of the rice further ensures retention of nutritional value. The grains is grown on unique black or alluvial soil, and also in areas where the soil is heavy, containing 60-80% of clay and silt and possess low permeability and high water holding capacity. These soils along with the humid weather and the rivers that flow from the Western Ghats add a traditional texture to our rice varieties.

It was the agro-ecological conditions, the methods of organic cultivation, traditional genetic make-up of cultivars, and unique processing technologies that has produced the specific aroma and flavor to our rice varieties. Because of the disease resistant properties, high nutritional value, fine taste and cooking properties, our rice is traditionally used in special occasions like wedding feasts.



Our rice is traditionally double cooked. The rice is washed using Courtallam water after which it is drained and simmered using Modern Techniques.



Lot of instances of normal rice being treated with chemicals to give artificial colour causing serious health hazards.

We are very particular in rooting out these factors to make our consumers feel that they buy a Fearless Rice brand which will enrich their nutritional morals of a Healthy life.



Packaging of premium rice is carried out under controlled hygienic conditions in order to ensure that rice remains unaffected by long term storage. Package design is such that it is tamper proof and air tight to seal in freshness, taste and aroma of rice.

Customized Packaging facilities are also done depending upon the need of the Consumers.