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img Liffe Guard, a brand that stands for a Taste of the good life.
Vinmax, One of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Grandeur Classy Rice offers radically pure and radically fit grains for people of all ages and tastes, across the world.We are here in the retail business for over 150 years providing our consumers across the Southern States of India with a finest quality in a reasonable price. Intense care is taken while picking up the raw rice varieties to ensure our consumers feel a fulfilled heart. Hand Picked from the very fine rice growing areas of Southern Tamilnadu, every single grain is carefully tested and processed with uncompromised traditional methodologies.



Our rice has a unique taste and itself ensures high content of nutrients. "Par-boiling" of the rice further ensures retention of nutritional value.

  • AST Raw Rice
  • Idly Rice
  • Nellai BPT Ponni
  • Regular Meals Ponni
  • Samba
  • Tanjore Ponni
  • Unda Matta
  • White Kuruva
  • Yellow Kuruva

Benefits of Rice

  • 1  Good source of energy
  • 2  Has a unique Traditional Taste
  • 3  Don't have preservatives
  • 4  Are rich in a protein called gluten